Well, Microsoft have defintely realised that Windows Vista is a sidestep in the realms of Operating Systems.

Despite the fact that all the graphics are the same as a 1994 Macintosh (PNG – Portable Network Graphics), the fundamental issue of the filing system has still not been addressed.

With that in mind, the lifespan of the ‘Not Quite There, But Not That Bad’ Windows XP has been extended AGAIN and the successor – Vienna / Windows 7 has been brought forward Vista may be the Windows ME (Millennium Edition) of the 21st Century.

New Apples use the same processing chips from Intel as do most windows PC’s, but the graphics and the UNIX type filing system are worlds apart from the desktop ‘what’s a network?’ operating system from Microsoft.

On the horizon there are more stable versions of Linux and OSX 10.5 has at last got a ‘restore’ feature – Time Machine that Windows did have much longer ago.

Smartphones using Symbian or Linux are dominating in the handheld devices and the future looks to be getting more portable, especially with Google’s Android Phone now available.

2009 looks to be an interesting year for Operating Systems and Microsoft may well be the biggest loser.


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by Browse on 17 November, 2008

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